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  • Gluta


    Gluta was a stray dog found on the streets of Thailand and nursed back to health by her new owner Sorasart Wisetsin, consequently making her the happiest dog in the world.…

  • sad coco


    coco is my family’s german short haired pointer, and if you know anything about this breed it’s that they need a lot of exercise. and i mean a lot. unfortunately for coco…

  • Uncategorized


    everyone needs a smile on a monday morning, this little guy will do just that. how cute is his breton stripe top… did you have a nice weekend?…

  • Photography


    hope you had a nice weekend. this photo really cheered me up, even though it’s monday. image source…

  • Uncategorized

    happy monday!

    let’s start the week with vigour & vim. image source…

  • Stuff


    my mom always sends me these forwarded emails, usually of cute animal stories. i couldn't pass up posting this one (which you may or may not have seen before). i just love…

  • Photography


    "The hills and veld that Daniel Naud√© invites us to traverse are filled with wonderful creatures, each more proud, perfect, and present than the next"…

  • Photography


    hey, happy new year! one of my resolutions is to go out and see more stuff – even if it’s just “in my own backyard”, so to speak. there’s so much i…

  • dog baby

    my heart is melting

    i have looked at these pics a dozen times, but everytime i come upon them my brain explodes with cheerful cuteness.…

  • hicks-01

    petrina hicks

    petrina hicks - gently subverts the pervasive language of photography as it is used in advertising and publicity, creating edgy images that intrigue and disturb…

  • shame


    he needs a home…