Syrup is some kind of awesome mail-order japanese clothing label that i can’t get enough of. browse their summer catalogue here. via lincoln taft.


  1. the girth on that model’s braid is silly!! and I LOVE the shirt she’s wearing. and the beach she’s at.

  2. wow what an amazing shop…quite love these pieces…love the huge surprise bow in the back…so fun

  3. The japanese always has the loose fit, boxy look down pat! If you’re interested, there are similar japanese labels that channel the same country vibe: w closet , surge & rivet , ciaopanic and SM2. All their lookbooks are divine, you should check them out!

  4. That last kitchen picture is my favorite! :) Had never heard of this label before. Very fun.


  5. Oh I LOVE all of these, they’re so pretty. Does anyone know if you can buy these to be sent to Australia? Or even read their website in English? xo

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