i had a brief stint as a Brownie when i was a kid, and even though i was pretty useless at most all of the tasks we had to do i was still SUPER excited by the idea of getting a badge for being competent at something. i probably had a badge in firewood collecting, or something easy like that.

Julie Pinzur is the genius behind Mokuyobi Threads – “radness for the superbeings of earth and beyond.” based in Brooklyn she makes patches, bags, hats and other fun goods that are guaranteed to make you smile. i would be proud to rock any of these.  though i am still not a member of the “no handle bicycle club” …some day.

Mokuyobi Threads
Mokuyobi Threads
Mokuyobi Threads
Mokuyobi Threads
Mokuyobi Threads

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  1. Hi Diana… may i know what font do you use for this blog? Thank you.
    Oh, I really love your blog ♡

  2. I was a Brownie too and still have my sash and badges somewhere! These are great, love the camping ones and the plaid shirt.

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