college days

i think about university quite often and what i would have done differently if i could do it all over again (a dangerous game.) probably should have worked harder, dressed better & partied less. that would have changed everything, i swear!

these are from the vassar college archive on flickr. i love it when universities make the effort of sharing their photo archives online – i really wish my alma mater would do the same! i should apply for that job…



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    I totally agree with you when it comes to thinking about the dangerous game. I should have worked harder, yes and dressed better oh and many other things too and I know that things would be different.

    Love these photos, very inspiring.

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    A dangerous game indeed! But if I were to go back I know I wouldn’t have worked harder, even if I wanted to. I probably wouldn’t have majored in medieval studies, though, that’s for sure!

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    first, let me start off by saying that i am a huge fan of your blog. second, let me say i am now an even bigger fan because you blogged about vassar!! i was lucky enough to attend vassar (and force my little brother to attend as well) and seeing these pictures made me smile. i even had the very same desk pictured in all of the photos! cheers.

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    I’m just about to graduate from college! I can’t say that I have too many regrets, but there are always things I wished I would have done a bit differently.

    I feel compelled to comment on this post because Vassar is the “rival” college of Bard– the college I attend! (It’s a silly rivalry, but a rivalry nonetheless!) Bard is about 30 minutes north (up the Hudson River) from Vassar. Back in the day, Bard was like Vassar’s male counterpart.

    During the WWII, Bard’s enrollment dropped down to 6, because all the men were off fighting. At that point, Bard decided to become co-ed to stay open. I think Vassar went co-ed in the late 60’s.

    ANYWAY, here is an archive of some vintage Bard photos… to prove that Bard is just as cool as Vassar! Haha. :)


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    these are great photos! and i, too, often play the should-have game about college and even grad school. it usually just leads to anxiety for me! :)

    (and hi, i’m new to your very lovely blog!)

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    Oh I constantly dream about being back in University and I only graduated last year! whenever I think of a photoshoot it usually just involved me doing something at one of the pretty rooms at the University of Toronto. I don’t know if I would do anything differently over again (since I dressed as preppy as I possibly could) but I would do it over again and again.

    These photos are beautiful, thank you so much for sharing them.

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    Those gave me the little kick I needed to stop procrastinating and finish my essays, thank you for posting them! Hopefully they’ll also inspire me to look put together for the remaining weeks of the semester, oh dear!

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    Thank you for sharing this and all the other fascinating things you find and make! I always wondered what Lehrer’s ‘Bright College Days’ would be like if written by a female lyricist and now I am wondering again…

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    I reminise about my Rhodes days FAR too often, and even though I wasn’t wandering the leafy library courtyard in pin curls, I certainly did my fair share of lolling out of windows with girlfriends, smoking cigarettes and laughing… and making out in the stacks in the library basement, reading books with my feet up and playing games in the common room (30 Seconds, not Go Fish!) Heady times, as they say. Even though it happened in this era, it feels as frozen in time as these wondrous pictures.

    Thanks for sharing.

    x and o

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    Oooh! I went to Vassar, too. But not when these photos were taken. Even in the early 90s, it was as enchanting. I saw a story you did about another college a few weeks ago and was wishing it was about Vassar. I am so glad you found these (for me)!

    Your blog is genius, btw.

    Thanks for it.

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    Former Vassar girl here! I love these pics and your blog. If the hair and clothes changed slightly, that would be my photo album. Oh yes, add boys :) I’m officially a new fan!