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Sarah & Jamie by Love Made Visible

there are a number of talented wedding photographer couples in Cape Town whose style of photography i can really get behind – focusing on important moments rather than most of the cheesy schtick that has been perpetuated by the wedding industry. three, namely: Deon & Irene of  Modern Hearts, Travis & Maike of We Love Pictures, and Bruce & Rebecca of Love Made Visible.

Bruce & Rebecca recently shot the beautiful day of Sarah & Jamie in the Karoo – probably one of the most exquisite settings for a wedding if you ask me. ALSO. they had a Rice Krispies cake. that is pretty much the raddest thing i have ever seen.

all photos by love made visible

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  1. OH LOOK! #BellingtheMatthes on Miss Moss. Wow. You guys have arrived. Well done Bruce, Rebecca, Sarah and Jamie. We loved your wedding.

  2. what amazing pics but totally what we have come to expect from Bruce and Bex who are legendaries in their field…i particularly like these shots. and amazing cake!

  3. there’s such a thing about your blog – it blows my mind. love it all, i’m definitely putting it to my fav’s. immediately,


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