More & Co.

More & Co. is a little shop that deals in everyday objects – “the ones that surround us, the ones we reach for again and again”. every few months they release a new collection based on a theme or a certain set of ideas. Two Feet On The Ground is their latest.

Every year as the air chills and the sun thins, we settle in. It’s time to cook, organize, clean house, see friends, drink red wine. Plant your feet on the ground and find balance for the coming season with this collection.

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i distinctly remember really loving & pinning away the beautiful Portland home of John and Jen Vitale that was featured on Freunde von Freunden last year. so imagine my delight (more things ought to be delightful) when Jen emailed me about their new venture Association – a lifestyle shop that offers items made by their friends and fellow creatives.

Association is us. We collaborate with friends, fellow creatives and artists to offer you a carefully curated selection of unique, quality goods, both new and found, that are a reflection of a shared appreciation for living an intentional lifestyle.

you can browse their new launched online shop, which includes new and vintage goods like ceramics, apothecary, textiles, jewellery, vinyl and a small selection of clothing – notably these rad smocks (which you can see in the lookbook) by State The Label. they also sell their own brand of handmade cutting boards, leather wallets and driftwood + clay mobiles that are handmade by Jen & her husband John.

photography by Carissa Gallo.

Association // Miss Moss Association // Miss Moss Association // Miss Moss Association // Miss Moss Association // Miss Moss Association // Miss Moss Association // Miss Moss Association // Miss Moss Association // Miss Moss Association // Miss Moss Association // Miss Moss Association // Miss Moss


& Other Spring Stories

i went for a little window shopping jaunt during my lunch hour and realised that suddenly it is straight up winter in our local shops. which is quite ridiculous because it’s still the middle of February and it’s HOT outside. it will be for a while still. yet, the colours have suddenly gone from bright summer hues to dour winter shades and – for the first time in my life – i actually lamented the onset of winter. why does winter = blacks and dark reds and navy and all that other stuff that is so readily associated with the cold? i want to wear bright things all year long (well, theoretically, since i usually just wear jeans and tops – but you know what i’m saying)

and this is something that i have of course noticed online as well. since most of the sites i browse are in the northern hemisphere, where you guys are obviously DYING for spring, the mood has completely changed as if people are almost saying, “it’s coming! summer is coming!!”. probably one of my favourite online shops to browse is & Other Stories * – and they have embraced this wholeheartedly as is evidenced on their front page. flowers and pastels and bright pops of colour so damn cheerful i can almost hear birds singing.

it’s awesome.

* i can’t attest to their overall quality because i have never been to any of their shops in person, but my husband actually bought me a dress from there when he was overseas recently (after i helpfully sent him screenshots of “things i like”) and it is lovely. akin to Zara or any other big retailer.

& Other Stories & Other Stories & Other Stories & Other Stories & Other Stories & Other Stories & Other Stories & Other Stories & Other Stories & Other Stories & Other Stories


Beautiful Dreamers

i could kick myself for not knowing about Brooklyn based shop Beautiful Dreamers while we were in NYC – and it was right around the corner from where we were staying, too! they stock pieces by designers Jesse Kamm, Erin Considine, Electric Feathers, Clyde (those hats!) Lauren Manoogian, Agnes Baddoo (those beautiful leather bags) and many more.

Our store was conceived to be a nexus for authentically creative designers and artists pursuing high standards of craftsmanship, sustainability, ethical practices, and consciousness. Our aim is to create a meaningful connection between supplier, maker, and consumer through beautiful dreams and beautiful objects.

Beautiful Dreamers Beautiful Dreamers Beautiful Dreamers Beautiful Dreamers Beautiful Dreamers Beautiful Dreamers Beautiful Dreamers Beautiful Dreamers Beautiful Dreamers Beautiful Dreamers Beautiful Dreamers



last year i did a post on 2013 calendars and, well, the time has come. 2014 to be exact… so here are 14 calendars for 2014.

there are only 5 Mondays left and then it’s Christmas!!


Snug Studio:


minerals by Lindsay Jones:

Linda & Harriett:

Scandinavian florals by The House that Lars Built:

12-Month Desert Shapes by Leah Duncan:

Silhouettes by 1 Canoe 2:


a cat’s life by Gemma Correll:

robins by the paper bird society:


Helvetica by Yumalum:

colour composition by Moglea:

Cute Animals by Loopz:


Egretta Garzetta

i must confess that underwear is pretty much at the bottom of my list of priorities when it comes to clothes shopping. big purchases are reserved for shoes, leather goods… maybe the occasional fancy dress. but undies, those come in packs of 5 and usually cost me less than a take-away dinner. but i still like the idea of fancy underwear. there’s also something incredibly cool about knowing your underwear is handmade (as if you’re a French aristocrat lazing about at Versailles all day). that’s where Egretta Garzetta comes in. affordable handmade lingerie, bras and panties made in Riga, Latvia.

Egretta Garzetta offers you the comfort and quality of handmade underwear. Every item in my shop is created from carefully selected materials and designed to gently fit the sensitive parts of your body. This lingerie is created by female hands for female needs – with a wish to make you feel beautiful and as comfortable as you can. Here you will find light and soft pieces, reminding the fluff of a dandelion, pieces as expressive and colorful as a tropical butterfly, pieces to match an active lifestyle… and a lot more!



i am really loving all the new arrivals at Totokaelo, and especially love how they have styled and shot their products. seeing actual movement makes such a difference, i think. i’m also pretty jealous that the northerners are moving into autumn… my favourite season. glad we will get to experience a snippet of that again next month when we visit NYC.

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ANTHOM has a sweet new lookbook out, which was inspired by 16th century Dutch “kitchen and market” paintings, and features their range of accessories juxtaposed with collected curiosities and harvested leaves and flowers, all on a soft marble background. i’be highlighted some of my favourite pieces at the bottom of the post – check out ANTHOM now.



Book/Shop is an Oakland based online & brick-and-mortar shop that specialises in products and paraphernalia related to reading – of actual real life books, not the online kind. of course they have actual books for sale, but also deal in other interesting things like book related art & vintage posters (love this Read Instead print) and even small furnishings to keep your books organised.

We’re committed to the reading experience. The surprise of one page turning to the other. The little luxury of sitting in a great reading chair, inhaling the scent of a beautifully made book. The luscious heft of three or four good reads in a sturdy bookbag as you head out into the world. The hundred discoveries waiting at a used bookstore; the refuge of a library.