a while back i posted about how i would do more small, random posts and not always feel pressure to make every post HUGE or SIGNIFICANT or HIGHLY CURATED. if you look back into my archives i would often just post a picture and be like, “i like this okay?” and it was totally okay. anyway i am going to try to get back to that format. that’s what this blog is about after all: a compendium of radness. no matter how big or small.

when i saw these watches by Every Single Unit i was like GGGNNNNNNNGGGGGGHHHH THEY ARE SO BEAUTIFUL. imagine a pregnant woman groaning, but not because she’s in labour.

fun fact: i wear a watch every day. i always have since i was little and got my first watch from my mom. i love the feel of it on my wrist and it is my go-to way of checking the time (who would have thought! but, you know, i never look at my phone to check the time like so many people do nowadays). for the longest time i wore my dad’s vintage Seiko watch and then an emergency plumber stole it from our bathroom. i was so bummed out. last Christmas Anton bought me this watch which i love.

but that’s not to say i don’t need another watch you guys… i think my favourite one is the gold version with the tortoiseshell bezel and mesh strap. and best of all? there’s no designer name anywhere! just a clean, simple face.

Every Single Unit is a watch designed for everyday use, a watch that tells a story and portraying the personality of a user. There is a spiral-patterned structure on the top of the watch case which allows you to change the bezel with ease depending on what you wear for your need. No tools or techniques are needed. It is a breeze to remove or install the interchangeable bezel by just turning it. There is no logo on the dial of ESU. We believe other than being labelled by brands, outfits and accessories can reflect a user’s personality. The simple and easy-to-match design of ESU reminds you of the reasons for wearing a watch.

buy them online here. follow them on Instagram here.

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  1. Just had to come on and tell you that I celebrated my 30th birthday on the 29th September, and my boyfriend got me an Every Single Unit watch after hearing me rave about this post! So thank you for once again pointing him in the right gift direction :)

  2. Thank you for your lovely blog about these watches. I’ve been looking for a watch and have battled to find the perfect one. These are just gorgeous and exactly what I’m looking for, thx for introducing them to me!

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