wow it’s been a long time since i sat down at my computer and just looked for cool stuff on the internet. during the lockdown i have been spending most evenings on the couch, in front of the tv, while death scrolling on my phone. instagram, tik tok, twitter, over and over. it’s so depressing!!

so i thought i’d share some truly happy goodies to make you, well happy :)

first up, these insanely cool ‘Soft Amphorae‘ vessels by designer Charles-Antoine Chappuis. they are made from found shapes of glass and handknitted fabric that combines linen with leftover yarns from textile factories. each vessel can be turned upside down – they can hold water on either end. how cool is THAT. they are stocked at several places online and in-store.

such great prints by We Are Out Of Office:

i love the packaging of these chocolates by Ocelot (but also want them in my mouth)

cool summer camp themed tees for kids by Maisonette

the other day Anton was asking me about the merits of a pouch “what do you use a pouch for?” and i was like EVERYTHING?? anyway i have pouches in all my bags for all sorts of things – especially now in COVID times i have one stuffed full of clean face masks and small bottles of hand sanitiser. anyway these pouch sets from Baggu are amazing, i want one in every colour.

speaking of handy bags, these Fjallraven tote bags are THE BEST:

look i mean i can’t trust my toddler with a ceramic cup BUT aren’t these baby cups by Madriguera Workshop cute??

i love these Coco sunglasses by Lu Goldie so much – especially the sage colour. you can find them if you do some digging online but they are selling out fast.

really want these extremely cute Slim Beeswax Candles with different colour wicks! by The Future Kept

OAD New York collaborated with CW Pencils for the perfect stationery inspired tote:

yes i want a vase in the shape of a seashell – what of it? these are by Los Objetos Decorativos:

a sweet backpack by Doughnut that i feel would be great as a baby or kids backpack actually? also in blue.

classic sandals by TEVA that perhaps you feel should be relegated to the nineties when you were ten years old but you are WRONG. i would be very extra and get the rainbow ones.

why don’t we see more pink dish drying trays? that is the question.

i just discovered kids store The Tot and they have some great toys (and plenty of other baby / kids things) – like a kids weather station, these macaron shaped sidewalk chalk, wooden grocery toys and rad building blocks.

don’t need any more light fittings in our house but that could always be changed for these ceramic ones:

really like these dusty pink Nike trainers:

SIN are making some of the coolest home goods out there at the moment:

if i were the kind of person to take porcelain plates on a picnic, these would be them:

exquisite rugs from Morocco, handmade in the Atlas mountains, by Beni:


  1. I so appreciate your taste, and I always return to these posts when I need a gift

  2. I was so excited to see your post! This list of goodies is exactly what my soul needed*!

    (*yes I’m aware that raises some red flags about the depth of my soul haha)

  3. coelhoculture Reply

    just love your eye on things and super happy you are posting again, so inspiring

  4. Your blog (especially your roundups) brings me so much joy. What delightful treasures you always share!

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