i’ve really noticed autumn in south africa this year. mostly due to the fact that i’ve been on a few drives into the countryside when not couch dwelling, and also making an effort to get outside with my dogs for walkies (they walk me, really). the trees are beautifully red and orange and yellow, the fields are strikingly green, it’s all very fa-la-la i want to run down this hill and collapse into a heap of fallen leaves and giggles at the bottom. you know?

so i decided to dedicate a colour comparisons post to my favourite season, using the artwork of american impressionist john joseph enneking and mashing it up with some rad street style.

* yes the title is totally a counting crows pun. i am not ashamed! this is still one of my favourite songs ever.

mountain landscape / mr. newton

ogunquit, mainestockholm street style

woodland pool / altamira

autumn jewels / mr. newton

fall landscape / fashionist

birches / all the pretty birds


  1. You have such a great eye! Thanks for sharing… It’s barely summer here and these photos have me ready for fall. Have a great week.

  2. I’m so jealous it’s fall for you! I love, love, love Autumn and am not a big fan of summer. It’s summer (almost, 90 degrees) over here in the US. Enjoy the lovely colors!

  3. gorgeous! I think fall is the most wonderful season, and I adore all of the brightly colored leaves.

    also: “heap of fallen leaves and giggles”. LOVE it.

  4. Your comparisons posts just get better and better. The art you find to pair with each girl’s outfit is just fantastic–I feel like if I were to just look at the paintings on their own I might now think of the similarity, but it’s amazing how well they go together once you’ve paired them and we are seeing them side by side

  5. P.S. Do you find the art first and then look for outfits that match, vice versa, or a little bit of both? Just curious. :)

  6. autumn is my favorite. all spring and summer i’m scouring for little pieces to purchase and tuck away ….

  7. I have read about you blog, I am so inspired by your posts, this one in particular has a lovely romantic feel to it

  8. I also took special notice of autumn in cape town this year – the smells, the colours: like damp amber.

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