okay, if you are a regular reader you will know my feelings re: the wedding industry and that my overall hope is that people would have honest, real weddings without the unnecessary hoopla.

…but, i had to show you this. because it’s so ridiculously fantastical i almost cannot believe it’s real. this couple had a costume themed wedding in a french chateau in the loire valley. if you can afford to have your wedding in a chateau you’re already in another league, but this is simply nuts. the bride’s dress was designed by the same costume designer who created michelle pfeiffer’s costumers in dangerous liasons. they even had fireworks on the balcony! marie antoinette, eat your heart out, eh?

the photography is the work of Shawn Connell of the Christian Oth Studio – the quality of which is not unlike something you might expect to see on the pages of Vogue.

all photographs courtesy of the Christian Oth Studio


  1. Are you kidding me? This is nuts. I totally agree with you on wedding too (though i’m neck deep into the crafts, etc.). Honest, simple, lovely weddings, but if you can do it right, then yeah, have it in a chateau.

  2. This actually made me feel a little bit sick! I know your wedding is meant to be your big day, but this just seems so excessive… But it’s better than the plantation weddings making a comeback in the US; excessive and incredibly racist. I’m with you and real, honest weddings! You’re marrying the person you love, for goodness sake – what do you really need?

    • yes i’m with you – i totally agree. i was in two minds about even posting it, but i cannot resist a good costume drama. ha! that’s what i’m going to imagine this is, a fantastical costume drama that’s been beautifully photographed.

  3. God, this is stunning! I’m like you when it comes to my opinion on weddings, but I’ll make an exception for this one, definitely.

  4. I think we should be free to have the kind of wedding that we can afford and suit our personal taste, may that be a small, intimate function at home or a whole costume drama at a castle like this one. All the best for the couple, and thank you for sharing :D

  5. I’m not sure that this is in the best of taste considering the current global climate. Why would you want to look like a French aristocrat (and celebrate that culture) when so many people are suffering under the weight of such oppressive regimes? Too “editorial” (read slick, overly styled and insensitive) for my tastes.

    • hey Rebecca – i hope you understand that by posting this it doesn’t mean that i’m suggesting anyone anywhere SHOULD have a wedding like this (which is why i put a kind of “disclaimer” before diving in). it would have made me feel better if this WAS just a photoshoot for some magazine or, in fact, the behind-the-scenes shots of some glorious costume drama (my favourite kind of films). but, it’s not. which is why my eyes popped out of my sockets and i felt like i really had to post – and talk – about it.

      personal tastes aside, occasionally i do post about things that are beyond my means and the means of probably 99% of the people on the planet – or even things that are quite frivolous and not necessary for day-to-day life. i suppose what i’m trying to say is that sometimes i want to share something because i think it’s beautiful, an exorbitantly priced designer dress might be a good example, but that doesn’t mean i would ever consider buying it myself or that i’m trying to perpetuate some kind of culture around here that glorifies luxuries over necessities.

      it is a double edged sword, i suppose, and something i’m always aware of when it comes to blogging!

  6. It’s so much like Sofia Coppola’s ‘Marie Antoinette’ and I think that’s great! I think anyone should be able to have the wedding they want and if you want a small intimate wedding or a huge one so be it. However, there are some weddings which cost so many millions and look so tacky that it makes me sick, but this wedding looks very classy and we don’t know anything about these people (or at least I don’t); they could donate money to charity all the time, or they could indeed spend it all on themselves. At the end of the day the photos are beautiful and they clearly enjoyed their special day.

  7. Me again – I was going to write this after I commented as a post script: I’m glad you posted it! It’s interesting to see these things, and it’s good to spark a bit of discussion, as this has (very polite discussion, too). Keep up the great work.

  8. 1) This is, in fact, better than a lot of Vogue spreads I’ve seen recently. So kudos to them and the photographer.

    2) I am a little worried, though, that her husband is actually Professor Snape.

  9. This looks like something out of the Labyrinth! Totally reminds me of the ball scene between Sarah and the Goblin King. Anyone else?

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  12. Mind blowing but absolutely fabulous – such a novel idea, a stunning dress and stunning photography

  13. Ah this is like the most romantic wedding everr!!! So fabulous. Love it! As a previous commenter said, this looks a lot better than some Vogue editorials where they used too much photoshop.

  14. Waay too much “Marie Antoinette” for a wedding in my opinion…here in France, the french are trying to have an American-style wedding and the Americans are doing the French style…of course as you said, this is not for everyone, luckily :)

  15. Why all this ‘dissing’, if the bride wants to get married looking all “Marie Antoinette” it’s her choice. If these people can afford a full regalia of a aristocratic wedding and fashion in a chateau, that’s fine with me and so should everyone else. It’s the couple’s most beautiful and romantic day of their entire lives. My absolute respects and complements to the bride and groom. And great luck! :)!

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