i can count the number of occasions i’ve worn a hat on maybe one hand. i just kind of feel like a fool when wearing one. do i look okay? is my hair sitting right? why does my forehead feel so sweaty? etc. but that doesn’t mean they don’t look good on other people. in fact, i envy the casual hat wearer. and i certainly envy anyone who gets to wear one of these hats from Puerta, the AW16 collection by milliner Laura Apsit Livens. very Matisse, no?

laura-apsit-livens-orange-melocoton-trilby  laura-apsit-livens-pink-rose-trilby  laura-apsit-livens-navy-estrella-matador  laura-apsit-livens-yellow-ojo-cloche  laura-apsit-livens-orange-azul-button-1  laura-apsit-livens-light-blue-ceilo-trilby  laura-apsit-livens-turquoise-turquesa-trilby    laura-apsit-livens-fuchsia-rosado-trilby  laura-apsit-livens-nude-beso-beret  laura-apsit-livens-yellow-limone-beret


  1. Beautiful hats! I’m the same when it comes to wearing them. I have a black broad brim fedora that I’ve never plucked up the courage to wear once.

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