Music Mix!


do you want to know what i have been listening to for the past 3 months? Enya. a whole lot of Enya. my baby loves it. or at least i think he does, because he sleeps like a, well, baby when it’s playing. and sleep is precious. now that we’re at the 3 month mark things are a whole lot easier in the sleeping department, but i still default to the Celtic queen when it’s his naptime…

March Music Mix


that’s me up there, navigating March like a tightrope walker. only 3 more weeks and i’ll be on maternity leave, we will move into our new house and soon after welcome the little guy. and, breathe… never mind all that, here’s a music mix! you can listen to it on Spotify…

I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it.

The 1975

The 1975 are a band from the UK whose latest album I Like It When You Sleep, for You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware of It was released last week. you may recognise their album covers, which feature the band’s name in a gorgeous neon sign (that is actually how i first…

Bowie, 1973


I don’t know where I’m going from here, but I promise it won’t be boring. i will be listening all day today.   

October Music Mix by Miss Moss


photo by Allan Grant for LIFE, 1947. damn, i actually wanted to post this new music mix on Friday, but somehow we had a seemingly city-wide internet blackout that lasted a couple of days. that sounds ridiculous, right? that’s cause IT IS. well now you can kick off your week with a…

Miss Moss September music mix


September is the best! it’s my birthday month, and the weather is always mild and wonderful, and it’s my birthday month! it always feels like a time of new beginnings for me, as if there’s been a palpable shift that we are gearing up toward the end of the year. it’s just my…



a new music mix! and just in the nick of time, as July is almost over. let that sink in: july. is. almost. over. that means we are in the latter half of 2015 and before we know it, it will be CHRISTMAS! jeez, relax. it’s going to be fine.…

June Music Mix by Miss Moss


i’ve made an effort to fill this month’s music mix with mostly, well, new music. these are all albums that have recently been released (at least this year) or are about to be released. so if you want to discover some new tunes then you’d best delve into these here tracks.

April Music Mix


no, this is not an April Fool’s. it’s an actual real life music mix! oh, there are some goodies in here you guys.


Carrie & Lowell

i just had to let you know that Carrie & Lowell, the new album by Sufjan Stevens, is streaming right now over at NPR, The Guardian and Pitchfork. it is a wonderful, wonderful album – i have already played it twice today.



i broke my promise to bring you a music mix every month. and for that, i’m sorry. i hope this makes it up to you? x o x o happy friday the thirteenth / valentines day (whichever you choose to celebrate). just press play!

Madi Diaz

Madi Diaz

some of you know that i contribute to Noonday Tune, i post a new song every second Friday and, with most things in my life, i always leave it to the last second – and spend a good 10 minutes to an hour on a Friday morning listening to new music so…

Miss Moss: My Favourite Albums of 2014

Best Albums of 2014

i must apologise for dropping the ball on Mid Week Distraction this week, it pained me to do it – but things have been too crazy round here. there are only 7 working days left of the year in my personal calendar, and of course EVERYONE wants their projects finished before…



December: the best month and also the worst month. best because holidays, christmas, family, food, summer (for us, at least), etc etc. worst because – how the heck is it December already? just an ever present reminder that time flies and you probably didn’t get to do everything you wanted to…

She & Him Classics

She & Him: Classics

wow guys, this is an exciting first for the blog!! you all know i am a GREAT music lover and mix maker, so i’m THRILLED to be hosting an exclusive pre-release stream of Classics, the new album by She & Him! featuring 13 cover songs of greats like Unchained Melody,…